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Our goal is to reduce penalties for first offense  convictions for possession of 32 grams or less of marijuana for persons 21 years and older. The citizens of Wichita are best served when we  reduce tax payer cost, arrests, & criminal records for marijuana possession 
We won the April 7th election by about 3000 votes. Unfortunately there are officials in Kansas who only like democracy when it agrees with their limited thought processes. Derek Schmidt, attorney General of Kansas is one of these. He has submitted the issue to the Kansas Supreme Court to be thrown out as an illegal petition. Mr. Schmidt should know better otherwise he is not even qualified for his job. It was a petition to change an unacceptable law. We worked with the city and legal council to make this thing bullet proof. Mr. Schmidt might not like what we are petitioning for, but the petition is legal. The good news is that the people have spoken, Wichita understands this and is challenging Mr. Schmidt's actions. Sharon Dickgrafe's response is available here by clicking the link below. We appreciate the strong and enlightened response the city of Wichita has taken on this.

House bill would ease law on pot possession, medicinal hemp oil