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​     60% of all drug arrests in Wichita are for possession of marijuana or possession of paraphernalia. These small, easy arrests for marijuana are driving the drug war and filling our courtrooms, prisons, & probation offices at great expense to the taxpayer. The costs are huge for court ordered drug treatment and supervision of these nonviolent citizens. Kansans know marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. There are real crimes that demand the attention of law enforcement.
      These arrests are ruining the lives of taxpayers, their families, friends and loved ones. Penalties are harsher for those arrested who cannot afford an attorney. Drug convictions and forced pleas bring lifelong consequences that often make positive lifestyle changes impossible through the systematic denial of student loans, job opportunities, the right to vote, and housing. It is time to change these outdated laws and end the criminal penalties for marijuana possession.     
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​Did you know that in Kansas, once felons complete their sentence, they can register to vote? The voter registration application form contains an affidavit attesting that the felons rights have been restored. If you know someone who is off probation & parole, but has not registered to vote encourage them to do so today!  
Ex-Felons Can Vote

​   MRI-ICT Volunteers collected signatures outside polling locations in Wichita on the April 7, 2017 Special Election to replace Representative Mike Pompeo.