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The State of Kansas does not have an option for citizens to petition for a statewide ballot initiative. However, per KS Statutes Annotated Article 30 12-3013, we can petition for a vote on proposed ordinances at the city level.

If you are a Kansan who lives outside of Wichita, and wish to start a similar Marijuana Reform Initiative petition in your town, we would love to help! Please read the instructions below or click here to download a PDF file version of the instructions, then use the information in the upper-right corner of the website to contact us for assistance. Thank you!
Don't live in Wichita? Bring the Marijuana Reform Initiative to your city!
Instructions for Starting an MRI In Kansas Towns and Cities

Marijuana Reform Initiative-ICT is supporting a campaign to get ordinances passed in various Kansas cities and towns to reduce criminal penalties for possession of marijuana and for a maximum fine of $50.00 for 32 grams or less of marijuana and/or related paraphernalia. The Wichita petition will be on the November 7, 2017 City General election.

While we do not have the possibility for a state ballot initiative in Kansas, we can petition for a vote on proposed ordinances in the cities. (KS Statutes Annotated Article 30 12-3013). You have to do a legal petition with only registered voter signatures for each individual city with the proposed wording for the ordinance which people will vote on. We can help.

These are the steps you need to take to get ready:

1. Get the details of your local city ordinances on marijuana. Does your city have an ordinance for penalties on marijuana possession and or related paraphernalia? If yes, then you have the right to petition for a ballot initiative to reform sentencing for small marijuana and related paraphernalia. Do you have your own police force beyond the County Sheriff?

2. Figure out your petition signature goal. Call your County or City Clerk to check the number of signatures required. The number of signatures required equals 25% of the number of voters in the last municipal election. You have 180 days or six months from the date of the first signature.

3. Draft your local MRI petition and get it approved by city authorities. We’ll help you with the petition form and language. The draft petition must be submitted to your County Counselor (or County Attorney or District Attorney) to get their opinion/approval. Once approved, you can start. Look at our petition: you can go to to download our petition for Wichita and contact us for assistance starting your own.

4. Collect the signatures (this is the fun part)! Each petition sheet must be signed off at the bottom by the responsible person gathering the signatures by a notary. The total group of each city’s petitions must be turned in at the same time or they will be counted as two or more groups and will not add up to the requirement for the city. We need responsible people to handle the organization of the petition drive in each city taking part.

5. Wait for verification, then passage or special election. Once you get the legal signatures, the City Clerk or the County Election Commissioner has 6 working days to verify the signatures. Then it goes to the City Council. They have 20 days to decide if they will pass it and vote. If they don't vote in favor of the proposed ordinance, it goes on the ballot for a special election within 90 days.

6. Celebrate your victory! Ok, so this is also the fun part!

We have worked to register voters, so get some Federal voter registration forms at your county election office or download here. Also note that new registrants should send a copy or camera phone photo of their birth certificate to their County Clerk to complete their registration.  

Let’s stop giving people criminal records for marijuana possession. Let’s change the city enforcement ordinances!